In a candid discussion on the Employee Cycle podcast, industry veterans delved into the intricate dynamics of job-seeking and employee retention in today’s unpredictable economic landscape. The conversation, led by Bruce Marable, co-founder and CEO of Employee Cycle, with guest speaker Jon Hiivala, Chief People Officer at Wescom Inc., explored the multifaceted considerations individuals face when deciding to join a company and the overarching strategies businesses employ to attract and retain talent.

The Essence of Choosing the Right Employer

Jon Hiivala emphasized that while compensation undeniably plays a significant role in a person’s decision to join a company, there are other critical factors to consider. He highlighted the importance of stability in a company, especially for businesses operating within cyclical industries prone to fluctuations. Wescom Inc., as Jon illustrated, strives to provide a stable environment for its employees despite the industry’s inherent volatility. This approach not only ensures a degree of job security but also positions the company as a desirable place to work, balancing competitive pay with long-term stability.

He further elaborated on the personal introspection necessary for job seekers. Understanding one’s own career goals, financial objectives, and desired workplace culture is paramount. Whether an individual seeks to aggressively pay off debt, find a long-term career home, or work in an environment with diverse leadership, aligning personal aspirations with a company’s offerings is crucial. Jon’s conversation with a professional seeking gender diversity in leadership underscores the diverse criteria that different job seekers prioritize.

The Interview Process: A Two-Way Street

Jon described the modern interview process as a dual-engagement scenario where both parties, the employer and the potential employee, ask questions to determine compatibility. This shift reflects a deeper understanding that successful employment relationships are akin to partnerships, where both sides’ needs and expectations must align.

Perseverance and Adaptability in Uncertain Times

The discussion concluded on an optimistic note, with Jon expressing gratitude for the opportunity to share his insights and Bruce encouraging listeners to engage with the podcast further. For those interested in connecting with Jon Hiiavala or learning more about Wescom Inc., he provided contact information and invited listeners to follow him on LinkedIn.

This conversation between Bruce Marable and Jon Hiivala on the Employee Cycle podcast offers valuable perspectives on navigating career decisions and employment strategies in a complex economic environment. It underscores the importance of self-awareness, thorough company research, and resilience, providing a roadmap for individuals and businesses striving to thrive amid uncertainty.

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