In a recent episode of the Employee Cycle podcast, listeners had the pleasure of hearing from Jeanine Boyle, the Chief People Officer at Zelis, about how HR manages the workforce during periods of hypergrowth. This enlightening conversation provides valuable insights and strategies for businesses experiencing rapid expansion.

Jeanine Boyle’s Journey into HR

Jeanine Boyle, a guest on the Employee Cycle podcast, shared her unique path into the world of HR. With a background in psychology and business, she possesses a profound understanding of human capital and the importance of leading human-centric organizations. Jeanine’s journey began in talent acquisition, which eventually led her to various roles within the HR function and even international experience. Today, she serves as the Chief People Officer at Zelis, bringing a wealth of expertise to the table.

Defining Hypergrowth for Zelis

Jeanine explained that, for Zelis, hypergrowth entails substantial organic and inorganic expansion. In a rapidly evolving world, navigating hypergrowth is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Despite the challenges posed by factors such as COVID-19 and shifting market dynamics, Zelis managed to double its workforce in just one year. This impressive feat involved both organic growth and the completion of two acquisitions, requiring meticulous cultural integration.

The Significance of Cultural Integration

Cultural integration can be a misunderstood concept, often associated with compromise. However, Jeanine and her team at Zelis view it as an opportunity to maximize the strengths of each organization. Rather than diluting or discarding their cultures, they focus on identifying common values, missions, and unique traits that can be woven together to create a stronger, more unified culture.

Jeanine emphasized that cultural integration is not about erasing the identity of either company but harnessing their strengths to build something even better. It’s a process of blending, not obliterating, the unique qualities that make each organization special.

Challenges in Hypergrowth

One of the most significant challenges faced by Jeanine and her team at Zelis during their hypergrowth phase was managing the rapid increase in human capital. Doubling the size of the organization in a short span of time required meticulous planning and execution. The challenge extended beyond mere numbers; it also encompassed cultural integration and the preservation of Zelis’ unique identity.

The Role of Deliberate Cultural Integration

To address these challenges, Zelis adopted a deliberate and thoughtful approach to cultural integration. Jeanine stressed the importance of transparency and open communication throughout the process. This approach involves actively engaging employees at all levels, ensuring they understand the changes and are given opportunities to provide feedback and ideas.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, the Employee Cycle podcast featuring Jeanine Boyle, Chief People Officer at Zelis, offers invaluable insights into managing HR during periods of hypergrowth. Jeanine’s expertise and perspective shed light on strategies employed by Zelis to navigate this challenging phase successfully.

Rather than fearing cultural change or compromise during mergers and acquisitions, Jeanine’s approach encourages HR leaders to embrace the opportunity to create something new and stronger. By weaving together the best aspects of each organization’s culture, businesses can emerge from hypergrowth with a unified and resilient culture.

As HR professionals continue to grapple with the complexities of rapid expansion, Jeanine’s story serves as an inspirational guide. Her journey from talent acquisition to leading human-centric organizations demonstrates the diverse paths that can lead to success in HR leadership.

The lessons shared in this podcast are a valuable resource for any organization experiencing hypergrowth or considering a merger or acquisition. They emphasize the importance of preserving what makes each organization unique while harnessing the combined strength of both to create a culture that thrives in the face of change and growth. Jeanine Boyle’s insights remind us that hypergrowth, when approached strategically and thoughtfully, can be an opportunity for HR to shine and lead organizations to even greater success.

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