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HR teams are perceived in many ways that can have an important impact on job candidates. How does your HR team show that you do much more than sit in your offices making policies and procedures that aren’t really that employee friendly? Is your HR team perceived as not very people-friendly or can’t relate to what employees are going through? We invited Arun George Philip, Head of Global Talent Acquisition and HR Operations Canada at IBS Software, to join one of our podcast episodes to answer those questions and more. Let’s first start with finding out more about IBS Software.

What is IBS Software?

According to IBS Software’s LinkedIn profile: 

“IBS Software is a leading SaaS solutions provider to the travel industry globally, managing mission-critical operations for customers in the aviation, tour & cruise and hospitality industries. IBS Software’s solutions for the aviation industry cover fleet and crew operations, aircraft maintenance, passenger services, loyalty programs, staff travel & air-cargo management. IBS Software also runs a real-time B2B and B2C distribution platform providing hotel room inventory, rates, and availability to a global network of hospitality companies and channels. For the tour and cruise industry, IBS provides a comprehensive customer-centric, digital platform that covers onshore, online and on-board solutions. The Consulting and Digital Transformation (CDx) business focuses on driving digital transformation initiatives of its customers, leveraging its domain knowledge, digital technologies and engineering excellence. IBS Software is a Blackstone portfolio company and operates from 15 offices across the world.”

Who is Arun George Philip?

I had a great chat with Arun Philip on our podcast. According to his LinkedIn profile he is: “A HR practitioner with over 20 years of experience in transforming the people function in different organizations. Confident leader who establishes culture of excellence and accountability among team members. Highly adept at leading cost containment initiatives resulting in significant savings for the company. Excels in laying the foundation and building the HR practices in small organizations which paves the way for them to grow into successful entities.”

Now, let’s dig into the topic of the podcast…

Why is it Important to Stand Out in the Hiring Process?

We hire a lot of talent across the globe in different job markets based on each country. When it comes down to the finish line, we need to understand what makes a candidate choose one employer over another. Today, candidates are looking for more than just a paycheck. They also choose an employer based on reputation. Remember, they are like consumers. They research online what customers are saying and what past employees are talking about. 

What Makes Your Organization Different?

Many organizations rely on recruiters to find the right candidates. Remember, recruiters are salespeople that must sell your company’s culture, mission, and values and they must sell the role you’re trying to fill. It’s important that you educate the recruiter on how to best sell:

  • Spend 50% of the time telling the candidate details about your organization and the trends it is going through.
  • The other 50% of the time should be around explaining what the role is like, how they can add value to the role, and the technology they will be working on.

What is an Employer Brand Value Proposition?

In today’s workforce, remote work is a baseline. So that’s expected as a value proposition. Most employees can work remotely, and if there’s an office, anyone can work in-person any time. What makes your organization stand out is having managers that are trained to handle remote, hybrid, and in-office scenarios. And, make sure you have the systems and infrastructure to support workers, no matter which environment they choose.

When Trying to Stand Out From The Crowd, Are There Things You Should Not Do?

Don’t over promise anything that you can’t deliver. What brings the wow factor is when you under commit and over deliver.

Listen to the whole podcast here: How Employers Can Stand Out In The Hiring Process. At just under 20 minutes, this episode packs a powerful message on ensuring your organization can stand out in the hiring process and have candidates choose you. Enjoy!