Michael Moon, PhD joins us for an Employee Cycle conversation.

We cover a lot of ground in this one, including Michael’s research interests, her unique career path, and her passion for running.

You will also hear the answers to  :
* How does talent analytics differ from HR analytics?
* What do you need for a top performing talent analytics team?
(Hint: It’s usually NOT a data scientist)
* How is data analysis like landscaping?
* Why is it important that HR people understand finance?
(And why is it important that the finance department NOT oversee HR)?
* With a background in musical theater, what classic era does Michael identify with most strongly?

Michael’s resource recommendation:
Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology – The Industrial Organizational Psychologist

Find Michael online:
MMM & Associates : http://www.michaelmoonhcm.com/
ExcelHRate Research and Advisory Services: http://www.excelhrate.com/
          ExcelHRate will also have book updates!
Follow Michael on Twitter: @mikemmoon

Find Employee Cycle online at : https://employeecycle.wpengine.com
and on Twitter @employeecycle

Intro music from http://www.bensound.com

About the host: Salas Saraiya is co-founder of the HR dashboard Employee Cycle.

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