Listen to Gerry Brandon, Director of Graduate Programs in Human Resources at Villanova University, discuss the details and benefits of getting a graduate degree in HR.

HR Dashboard

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What you will learn as a graduate student focusing on HR.
  • Why you should get a graduate degree in HR in the first place.
  • The key traits of someone who should work in HR.
  • Why it’s important for HR professionals to not only understand HR, but the business as well.
  • Whether or not you should have real-world experience before getting a graduate degree.
  • The gap between what HR students are learning, and the expectations of the employer.
  • How the emotional side of HR cannot be overlooked.
  • The different between IO Psychology and HR.
  • How globalization, technology and analytics have changed the HR curriculum focus.
  • The definition of evidence-based HR and why it’s the future.

How to find Gerry and The Villanova HRD Graduate Program online: