Yay! It’s officially Spring! Well, technically spring began two weeks ago. But anyone living in the Northeast definitely wasn’t feeling springy with thirty-degree weather. But now that we’re officially in April, it’s safe to say it’s springtime!

The days are getting longer and we’re finally able to leave work with some sunshine left in the day. Spring is a great time to implement some new engagement initiatives that get your employees out of that winter funk. We ask employees to bring their whole selves to work and supporting mental health is important. Changing things up in the office can help.

Here are a few ideas to help you host a new employee engagement initiative at your office.

Health and fitness can support employee engagement

Health and Fitness Challenges

Most of your offices probably held a Biggest Loser challenge in January. How did that go? Did it end up being one or two big losers with the most just trailing off halfway through? Those are great for creating a little bit of competition. But without other incentives or added perks, most participants lose interest over time.

Try introducing other things like a walking club or meditation mornings. A walking club gets people outdoors and away from their desk. Even just 15 minutes away from your desk can improve productivity and creativity. Meditation is a known stress reliever, which can boost focus and energy.

Moving meetings outdoors can improve employee engagement

Outdoor Meetings

The weather is finally getting warmer. Before it gets unbearably hot this summer, take those stuffy meeting outside! Find a nice park bench or table to discuss those mundane action items and you might find new energy to tackle the issue. Also, try a walking meeting. Why not get some steps in during the one-on-one with your teammate. The less formal environment will support a more candid conversation.

Flex work arrangement can support employee engagement

Flex-Work Options

Feeling tied to a desk for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week can make someone feel like just a cog in the wheel. Try introducing flex-work options to give people variety to their schedules. Some ideas include working from home/remotely, 4-day workweeks, or implementing (early) summer hours where the office closes early. It empowers employees to manage their time effectively knowing the incentive more time back in their personal lives.

Community service supports employee engagement

Supporting a Greener Earth

Spring cleaning is always a goal during this time of year. Take it outside and clean up a local park or your neighborhood. You can also adopt-a-highway to beautify the commute into the office. Alternatively, if your office has some outdoor space, get some planters and create an office garden. An office garden will be great for team building with a garden committee. The fresh produce can either be given to the employees or hold a farmers market to raise proceeds for a local charity.

Employee engagement can be supported with supporting bringing your child to work day

Support Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (April 25th)

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work (TODASTW) day is held annually on the fourth Thursday of April. Each year there is a theme to help make the day more than just a career day. This year’s theme is Workforce Development for All. Take some time to plan activities for the kids and encourage the parents to participate. TODASTW site provides a lot of resources and ideas for making it a great day.

Employee engagement is ongoing and shouldn’t just be done just a couple times a year. Activities and specific events are great but don’t forget there are fundamental culture items that can help engagement as well. Training and development, recognition, alignment with values, and mentorship can all help.

An HR dashboard can help you easily look at your HR metrics like turnover and retention rates to know if employee engagement should be a bigger concern. Sign up today for a free demo of our HR dashboard. It’ll take the messy business of calculating metrics off your plate, so you can focus on the fun, engagement initiatives.