Happy Fourth!


This year, Independence Day falls on a Thursday, which is prompting many Americans to take a long four-day weekend. For many offices, Friday, July 5th will be empty and feel like an unofficial holiday. From July through August, it’ll be more difficult to get those meetings scheduled around all the vacations. Outside the holidays, July and August are the busiest times for time-off requests. 

Vacations are good for business though. Employees who regularly take vacations are less stressed and more productive. Creativity levels also increase which helps stimulate innovation and unique problem-solving strategies. Above all else, it combats employee burnout, which is recognized by WHO in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD)

The key to getting employees to take a vacation is by creating a culture where they feel comfortable and supported to take time away. Managers can lead by example and take time-off and actually unplug when away. Additionally, the company can offer perks and benefits that motivate vacations. 


Here are a few companies offering unique employee benefits to promote time-off.


Travel Credit at Airbnb

Employees at Airbnb are given up to $2000 in Airbnb travel credit to explore the world. For a business like Airbnb, it’s smart business. It helps their employees get to know the people, cultures, and environments they serve. 


Paid Vacation and Spending Money at Moz 

Moz is an SEO (search engine optimization) marketing firm. The company gives employees paid vacation and $3000 a year to spend while on that vacation. Which are all outside paid days for sick/safe leave and holidays. 


Hotel and Travel Package Discounts at Mariott

Mariott is in the business of hospitality. It offers employees discounts, which sometimes extends to family, for their expansive network of hotels. It relieves some of the financial burdens for room and board. Which, can be the most costly expense for travel and deter vacation planning. 


A Paid Paid Vacation at Full Contact

As a tech company focused on helping clients with their customer experience and market impact, disconnecting can seem like a foreign concept. Full Contact introduced a Paid Paid Vacation plan. It gives three weeks of paid time off, but also a stipend of $7500 a year to pay for that vacation. Employees can use the money however they like. But there’s one major stipulation, they must be unplugged from work the entire time. If they log on and work, they don’t get the money.

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