Listen to Deb Muller, CEO of HR Acuity, discuss why Employee Relations needs to be strategic, and how to use employee behavior data to measure the health of your workforce.

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What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What is employee relations, how is it managed today, and where do most HR leaders make mistakes.
  • What is a retaliation claim, and how companies create hostile environments that provoke them.
  • Why companies need to have a transparent and streamlined process for employees to make claims.
  • Why employees need to believe that
  • How keeping a consistent process for documenting claims can legally protect your company.
  • How to use employee claims data to measure the culture and health of your workforce.
  • How using employee claim metrics can help get buy-in to hire more HR leaders to manage employee relations.
  • Why it’s important to analyze the impact of employee relations on areas including turnover, employee costs, etc.
  • How to get buy-in for a software platform to help manage and streamline employee relations management.

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