"Ensuring we deploy efforts in the most effective way possible" Access to real-time HR data allows Fivos Health become smarter and more responsive

Jason Olson, VP of Human Resources at Fivos Health shares his experience with Employee Cycle’s HR analytics dashboard

The Challenge

Fivos is the software development industry’s leading provider of comprehensive data solutions for specialty providers, medical registries, and device manufacturers. Health specialties can leverage Fivos solutions to manage workflows, assess performance, measure risk, and meet regulatory markers.

Prior to working with EmployeeCycle, Fivos’ traditional HR model was a lot of paper-pushing and bureaucracy. They didn’t have an easy way to quickly aggregate the data they needed to answer questions or understand where the gaps were.

Jason Olson, VP of Human Resources at Fivos Health, knew that HR analytics were critical to helping his team find the answers to questions such as:

  • How efficiently are we operating?
  • Where are the gaps in how we are serving our staff?
  • Are we acquiring new staff quickly enough?
  • How is our workforce performing?

He needed good data in order to deploy efforts, workload, and resources effectively.
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Our Solution

Different audiences within Fivos need different information for decision-making. 

The executive leadership wants to know about turnover rate, retaining staff, cost to hire, and how Fivos compares to industry benchmarks. The HR team pulls data on diversity, pay equity, and inclusion. And department managers want to know about diversity within their teams and appropriate pay ranges.

The great thing about Employee Cycle is the ability to pull data from multiple HR systems, aggregate the data into the dashboard, and customize and share reports with a few clicks based on the different audiences. 

“Prior to Employee Cycle, at home after I put my kids to bed, I would spend several hours at night manually doing all the data pulls and reports. Now, with the Employee Cycle dashboard I don’t have to work at home at night and I’m getting more sleep! I save at least 5-6 hours per week in reporting.”

Jason Olson
MBA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR VP of Human Resources

The Results

Fivos leverages the power of Employee Cycle to leverage valuable initiatives. It helps them present data well, tell their story, and helps the audiences visualize well.

Their results speak to how using Employee Cycle has changed the way they do business.

“Allows us to understand how we’re performing, and where the areas of growth opportunities lie.”

“Helps us take limited resources and apply in the most effective areas to get the best ROI.”

“Drives forward our people operations initiatives when we can show real data that affects the bottom line.”

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