"One-stop shop for HR data" Access to real-time HR data allows Exyn Technologies to stay agile and innovative

Tiffany Fields, Director of People and Culture at Exyn Technologies shares her experience with Employee Cycle’s HR analytics dashboard

The Challenge

Exyn Technologies is an Industrial Drone Technology facilitator that provides autonomous aerial robot systems for complex, GPS-denied environments. Working alongside companies such as Boeing, Qualcomm, Magic Leap and others, Exyn Technologies employs dozens of autonomous systems, robotics and industrial engineering team members and support staff.

Prior to working with EmployeeCycle, Exyn Technologies’ HR team spent countless hours trying to leverage data from multiple HR platforms to create reporting to share with their internal teams to help them better understand how to grow as an organization. Unable to leverage a central reporting location for their existing HR data across multiple platforms, Tiffany Fields, Director of People and Culture at Exyn Technologies, knew that an alternative to manual reporting and having to manipulate HR metrics to gather data had to be resolved quickly if they were going to continue to grow as an organization – especially after successfully raising $16M+ in their recent Series A round.

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Our Solution

When Exyn found Employee Cycle, they were surprised to find that they could easily, within minutes, access all of their employee data in real-time across multiple platforms because of Employee Cycle’s unique and easy integrations with their existing software. After receiving a free demo with Employee Cycle, Exyn Technologies’ Director of People and Culture could immediately see how to leverage their newly unified data construct to create near-instant reports and easily share them with her colleagues. This also helps her to save hours each week by having the platform do the work for her and not have to spend time manipulating metrics and information to see her company’s human resource data in the way that she sees as most valuable.
Tiffany Fields- Exyn Technologies's Director of People and Culture

“Employee Cycle really serves as a one-stop-shop to gather information. I use a lot of different systems so being able to go into Employee Cycle where everything is just there – as opposed to having to manipulate the data to get what I’m looking for – the output or the final number is already there.”

Tiffany F.
Director, People & Culture

The Results

Exyn Technologies  leveraged the power of Employee Cycle to change the way they use HR platforms and see their employee data. Their results speak to how using Employee Cycle has changed the way they do business.

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