Karina Bensko, SPHR, Director, HR Business Partner at Brightcove, joins us to discuss why HR teams need to do more, faster, when we already do too much while we’re understaffed and overwhelmed.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, how did Karino Bensko get into the wonderful world of HR?
  • Secondly, why do we need to do more? And faster?
  • Next, how can we evaluate HR goals, processes, and day-to-day responsibilities, while focusing on growing into strategic initiatives?
  • Are HR processes antiquated and too manual?
  • Ramping up new employees to do more faster too – is HR responsible for that? Or should it be the team manager?
  • HR is transforming into more of a strategic role and expanding to cover more surface area. HR should no longer be viewed as a department, but rather a critical, important leader for the organization!

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Whether you want to motivate or train team members, sell products or services, or entertain and inform subscribers, video does it best. And Brightcove provides you with the most reliable, scalable, and secure platform to deliver it on. Since 2004, their technology has helped customers all over the world harness the incredible power of video – they’ve even won two Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards for it.

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